Railway Reservation Counter

The is no railway reservation counter at Ganeshpuri. There are computerized reservation counters at all the railway stations. from where Ganeshpuri is approached. These are at Vasai Road, Virar, Thane and Kalyan. Currently train travel reservation can be made 2 months prior to travel from the above mentioned places.

Security Arrangements

There is a police station at Ganeshpuri. Sanstha has employed over a dozen guards to provide secure and orderly environment for the devotees. At night all buildings and temple are under the constant care of alert watchmen. Close circuit T.V. monitor has been installed in the office to keep a check on activities in the temple. Additional police force is deployed for crowd control and orderly movement on festival days. The police also control the vehicular traffic on approach roads to Ganeshpuri.

Souvenirs Shop

There are many other shops constructed by the sanstha and rented out at very nominal rates. These shops sell so many items desired by the visiting devotees. There are wooden and metal statues. There are cassettes of Bhajan and Kirtan. There are so many photos of Bhagwan Shri Nityananda, various items of pooja like Japmala of various types, length, variety and thickness, lamp for Aarti, incense sticks and various types of stands for them. There are many other souvenirs too and there is plenty of choice.

Post and Telegraphy

There is a post office in Ganeshpuri. The pincode is 401206. The telephone system is very good. There are over a dozen places providing local/STD and international call facilities. The BSNL mobile also works in Ganeshpuri. A new computer centre recently opened can be requested to provide internet access.


Three banks are currently functioning. These are
1. Bank Of Maharashtra
2. Synicate Bank Vajeshwari
3. Bank Of Baroda

As devotees come out of the temple there is the Donation office. For the benefit of the devotees they can donate here as well as book rooms and pay for the services offered by the trust. (This can be done by making payment through swiping machine and an ATM machine which has been placed outside the temple premises.)

A Front office has been built so that devotees could book their Puja rituals , offer Donations or Rent a room. The office is totally computerized with a Credit Card Terminal (swiping machine) and an ATM facility near by.

A separate area has been earmarked for Laddu Prasad, Baba's Article and book for sale to the devotees.


ATM Front Office


The Laundry Project

Earlier the staff would go adding to pollution to the river to carry out its laundry activities. Now the trust has installed eight washing machines in the premises where all the washing activities are taking place. The trust has also taken up of zero pollution. To aid the Trust has placed waste bins around the temples and is also distributing waste bins to the villagers.

This waste is collected in the trust premises and is converted to compost for the plants.


Jackwell Project

There was a perennial problem of water during summers. Although there was a sanctioned plan for a Jackwell the same could not be built during the last term.

The Trustees took up the agenda seriously and with a dedicated effort built a dedicated Jackwell for the trust. With this, the trust now has the capacity to store 85,000 liters of water. State of the art facility for pumping, purifying and storing the water has been done.